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10 Back-to-School Tips to Keep You Sane

Time-saving ideas for home organization, meal planning and more

Published on: August 19, 2020

10 Back-to-School Tips to Keep You Sane

packed lunch ideas
Credit: Kitchen Meets Girl

Four simple steps

Even though the kids may not be going to school in person, it's still a good idea to make lunches ahead of time so that you have time to catch up with work, life, chores, etc.!

Ashely over at Kitchen Meets Girl has a genius four-step plan to creating the perfect packed lunch. Always on the search for lunch items that are delicious, fun and healthy, she came up a system that incorporates all three criteria without getting boring or too repetitive.

Simply make a list of main courses that your little one likes, a list of fruits and veggies they can stomach and do the same for snack and drink categories. It really takes the guessing game out of packing your child’s lunch. Head to the full post for great ideas for each category, recipes, packing tips and more!

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