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Close Encounters at the Reptile Zoo

Calendar/Event Details

Book a Close Encounter at Monroe's Reptile Zoo! Close Encounters include touching or holding of 2 to 3 animals. We always include some type of snake and 1 to 2 other animals. Feel free to call for more details. We reserve the right to change the animal used for a handling session on the day of if needed for the welfare of our animals. 

Please remember to use hand sanitizer regularly to minimize the spread of germs.

Participation in Close Encounters costs $3 per person or $10 per family, in addition to regular admission ($6–$9). Visitors need to pay and sign up for a time slot in the gift shop before the session begins.

Sessions available:

Thursday and Friday
11:00 am Close Encounter
1:00 pm Close Encounter

11:00 am Close Encounter
1:00 pm Close Encounter
3:00 pm Close Encounter

Tortoise petting has also returned. Our tortoises will be available for petting at any time, included with admission.

Animal feeding sessions are also available every Friday night for $25 per person. You must reserve a spot in advance.

Event Details