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5 Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

Here's how to fit a beauty routine into your busy schedule


Published on: October 20, 2017


Moms know what real luxury is — time spent alone soaking in the bath. But forget the bath, even washing your hair sometimes feels like a luxury with a baby. So is there a place for a beauty routine in all of this parental chaos?

Scientists says taking care of your looks is crucial for your psychological health. When you look good, you feel good. So, don't believe anyone who says "Don't worry about it until the baby grows up." The truth is that perfect red lipstick and a manicure can help you feel like yourself again. 

So here are five beauty tips for busy moms.

  1. Night time is the best time. So many things can be done when you're asleep. Leave your dry shampoo in overnight — in the morning all you’ll have to do is brush your hair and use a shine spray (if needed). Leave your moisturizing mask on overnight. Put in your curlers or just braid your hair into tiny braids to substitute for hair styling in the morning. And, yes, from now on night time will be the time when you can shower in peace.
  2. Choose 2-in-1 products. Get more bang for your buck — and time. Use BB creams to protect, moisturize and even out your skin tone. Use multiple illuminators to highlight your cheeks and eyes. All of these will be an army of mother’s little helpers.
  3. Buy travel-sized cosmetics. Keep your tiny cosmetic pouch handy so you can take advantage of any spare moments. The baby fell asleep in a stroller? Time to fix your make-up or remove old nail polish. 
  4. Set your priorities. Whatever we do, we won't be able to catch up with our pre-birth beauty routine. So make a choice: What's most important to you? If you have a problem skin, dedicate your precious moments to it. If you're lucky to be free from any immediate beauty problems, choose the thing that you enjoy the most.
  5. Try this pedicure hack. Your feet can get neglected after the baby is born. Mostly, this happens because there is no time to brush and scrub. To nurture dry heels, take advantage of bedtime again. Generously apply lotion on your feet, put on warm socks and leave it on overnight. You'll wake up with soft feet without spending too much time on it.

Do you have your own life hacks for keeping a beauty routine going as a mom?

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