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6 Ways to Raise a Genius Child

Even months-old kiddos will benefit from these tips


Published on: May 17, 2018

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What does it take to make sure your baby will grow up to be successful and talented? Simple things, we say. Here are just a few tips from scientists and teachers — any mom or dad can use them, even if your child is only a few months old!

Go on an adventure.

There are two theories on how to raise a baby. One stresses the necessity of regime and calm, predictable atmosphere. The other: A child can benefit greatly from a changing environment, including hearing of the foreign speech and meeting different people. If you aim to raise a genius, follow the second path! It's the one leading to earlier development.


It seems like they can't understand a thing. And yet, baby is analyzing a tremendous amount of information. So, name the things around you with the intonations of a grown-up even when the child is just a newborn. It'll help them develop speech abilities faster.

Get reading.

When should you start reading books to your child? Scientists insist: As soon as possible. Even on the first day after the birth, a baby can recognize some words — the ones they repeatedly heard while still in the womb. Reading aloud will also enhance their concentration abilities and expand the range of sounds and later, words.What's more important: Reading is a unique moment of bonding between parents and their baby.

Try math (yes, really)

It’s hard to believe, but even a 3-month old baby can perceive quantity! So, let’s not delay the first math lesson. To start with, simply say numbers aloud while showing your child two or three toys or bricks. It's an easy way to help them begin to learn the concept of numbers.

Make eye contact.

Making eye contact can help your baby develop attention skills. Research shows that a child pays closer attention to a game when their parents are looking on. So, put away your phones and look at your little ones — it's for their future achievements!

Give your child a choice.

Learning to make your own decisions might be the most crucial skill for a confident and strong personality, and your baby can start practicing it already. Encourage them to make small decisions, like choosing between two toys (don’t offer the third one — it will become too difficult, say psychologists). Later, keep the fun going as you let your child chose clothes, foods or activities.

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