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7 South Sound Bike Paths for Kids on Wheels

Safe and scenic trails around South King County and the South Sound

Published on: April 18, 2023

A young girl rides a bike on a bike path with her older sibling and parent following behind. They are wearing helmets and the paved path is lined with green plants indicating summer.
Suit up in your helmets and get rolling.

Where to get pedaling!

Need a great spot to let your kids practice riding a bike, zooming on a scooter or perfecting inline skating skills? Sometimes it’s hard to find a good trail that’s mostly flat and not too crowded. Even with kids who've mastered two (or more) wheels, a family bike ride on a car-free bike trail offers peace of mind — in addition to fun and exercise.

We’ve rounded up seven great trails around the South Sound and South King County area that are perfect for little legs. Most have beautiful views, parks with play equipment and restrooms, too. Now grab your helmets and get rolling!

First stop: Milton Interurban Trail

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