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10 Best Frozen Dinners for Hectic Evenings

A recipe developer shares her favorite (healthyish) frozen meals for families

Jackie Freeman

Published on: March 15, 2024

busy family eating a healthy frozen dinner

Healthy frozen meals for when you need dinner, STAT

We all want to cook and serve our family healthy, homemade meals, but let’s be realistic — sometimes, between work, school and activities we need to get dinner on the table STAT. When life gets busy, reach for these frozen dinners that you can feel good about serving and your family will love.

Frozen meals are pretty tasty, but sometimes all of that flavor comes from extra sugar, sodium and fat. So, before popping one in the oven or microwave, make sure to read the nutrition facts (note the serving size). Look for healthy frozen meals made with whole grains, lots of veggies (or get some extra for the side), and lean meats, fish and poultry. Included in our list is an expert-approved selection of popular and healthy frozen dinner choices for busy families from your favorite brands. 

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