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6 Kids' Rooms That Look Like Real Kids Actually Live There

Because reality is messy


By Houzz


Published on: August 25, 2017

Houzz real kids' room 1
Amplio, original photo on Houzz

Keep it bright

I have perhaps the tiniest chip on my shoulder about kids' room decor. My pet peeve is photos of children's rooms that are just too perfect and tidy and design-y to be even remotely real.

I'm all for aspirational photography, and I understand that the room should look its best for design shots. But what I really love are kids' rooms that look like perhaps real kids live in them. They are cute and functional and well designed, but they are not museum pieces. 

Here are a collection of my favorite kids' rooms that look like they belong to real kids. Kids who have stuff.

The first room: Kids do not generally do subtle. They do bright and joyful. When choosing colors keep them bright (and consider mixing brights and pastels). You don't immediately notice a color scheme in this room, but it's there.

Originally published on Houzz by Samantha Schoech

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