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Amazing Pacific Northwest Road Trip Destinations for Families

Pack the kids and hit the road for these 5 iconic road trip destinations around the Northwest

Published on: July 14, 2022

A parent and child walk on a sand spit on the beach at Tofino, British Columbia, an amazing road-trip destination for families from Seattle
On the beach in Tofino, B.C.

Epic Pacific Northwest family road trip destinations

Road trips are synonymous with summer. And even with soaring gas prices, family road trips can be more affordable than flying off to far-flung vacation spots. We’ve rounded up five iconic Pacific Northwest road trip destinations to spark your ideas and set your plan in motion. And to keep both parents and kids happy, most of these destinations require only a half-day of driving.

Hitting the open road with kids, particularly young ones, can seem daunting. From packing to destination selection; planning is the key to a successful road trip. After you’ve tackled one successful road trip, future road trips feel less daunting. As with all things involving children, plan on pit stops, plenty of snacks, and entertainment along the way. We like filling our cooler with healthy snacks and bringing along audiobooks or kids’ podcasts for the journey.

Check out these amazing Northwest spots where the stresses and demands of regular life will just melt away! First up: a beach paradise

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