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6 Websites to Keep Kids Sharp Over the Summer

Use tech to fight summer slide (yes, really)

Jessica Graham

Published on: June 29, 2018

Boy on computer

This online program and app is appropriate for early learners ages 2–8. The curriculum includes reading and language arts and math. The website requires a paid monthly subscription, but check out the free trial and ask your public library for loaner software. 

Bedtime Math

This free app offers a new math problem every day, perfect for learners young and old.


Do your kids want to learn a new language or brush up on an existing one? This learning language platform offers free lessons in more than 31 languages, including German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Khan Academy

This website offers a wide variety of free classes for everyone, from  kindergartners to college students and adults. Subjects include everything from SAT prep to coding.


Young Earthlings will love the NASA website, where they can learn about space exploration, spot an astronomy photo of the day and play games in the NASA Kids’ Club. 


You’ve heard of TED Talks; now meet TEDEd. This site provides free short video lessons on educational topics that interest children, including “What Causes Body Odor” and “A Day in the Life of a Roman Soldier.” 

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