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Best Winter Weather Gear to Get Your Family Outside

Waterproof rain pants, fishing bibs, snuggly socks, cozy boots and more

Published on: September 25, 2020

Best Winter Weather Gear to Get Your Family Outside

Turtle fur fleece neck warmer

Stay warm all day

Touch screen gloves

Base layers

High-tech long johns will keep you unbelievably toasty, whether you’re wearing them under jeans, rain pants or snow bibs. Try base layers once and you’ll become a convert. Consider kids Rocky thermals, women’s merino wool thermal pants and men’s Helly Hansen base-layer tops.

Protect your neck

Never underestimate a neck covering when it comes to making you feel infinitely cozier in harsh weather. If you’re playing hard and don’t want to bother with a scarf, a Turtle Fur fleece neck warmer will do the same job with fewer gaps and less fuss.

Hand warmers

Take advantage of power-activated heat with a hand warmer that uses a lithium-ion battery and doubles as a phone charger. Slip one inside each mitten or in your pockets to keep your digits limber.

Touch screen gloves

Want to get outside but need to stay semi-available for a work call or important text? Or maybe snap some cute photos of your kids dodging raindrops? Consider a pair of touch screen gloves woven with copper wire to allow easy iPhone or Android access.

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