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Best Winter Weather Gear to Get Your Family Outside

Waterproof rain pants, fishing bibs, snuggly socks, cozy boots and more

Published on: November 17, 2023

Best Winter Weather Gear to Get Your Family Outside

Bogs boots

Keep your feet warm and dry

Meriwools for kids


Warm, dry feet power marathon rainy day romps. Invest in comfortable galoshes or insulated snow boots and you’ll have staying power when it comes to outdoor play. 

For kids whose feet are still growing, you might want to look for lower-priced options such as Crocs, always popular with the under-10 crowd, or splurge a bit on Bogs, which make great hand-me-downs if you have multiple kids. 


Almost as important as boots themselves are what’s inside. Merino wool wicks away moisture and is one of the best weaves for warmth and dryness. Consider Darn Tough socks (with a lifetime warranty!) for men, Wigwam’s 40° below socks for women and Meriwools for kids.

Final step: Stay warm all day

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