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Chinese Zodiac: The Rat Child

Patty Lindley

Published on: December 29, 2021

Welcome to the Chinese zodiac for kids and parents!

About the Rat Child

Chinese Zodiac: RatSweet and emotionally demonstrative, Rat babies may strike casual observers as being shy, but make no mistake! These little beings are natural-born charmers, capable of commanding the scene with all the charisma of a Hollywood leading man or lady — certainly your Rat child will expect to be the star attraction in your lives. And when their megawatt charm and fetching appearance fail them, Rat children can be quite successful at securing the attention they crave by resorting to such tactics as crying fits, clinging behavior, sibling domination, and a surprisingly precocious calculation that assures they will get their just due (and maybe just a little bit more…) out of every situation. Hope this gives you an idea of what you’re up against!

As sociable, fun-loving, and easygoing as they appear on the surface, Rats can be prone to subterranean currents of tension and agitation that they mask very well through their native capacity for self-control. These children come into the world with natural leadership abilities — what is even better is that they possess in equal force the necessary drive, self-discipline, industry, and endurance to realize their innate potential. Their success in life is assured through their ability to cope with difficulties, surmount challenges, and adapt as necessity demands to survive and thrive. Doesn’t hurt that they typically cut a pretty wide swath, socially and professionally speaking, due to their personal magnetism, intellectual skills, and good looks!

Personality Traits

  • Inquisitive
  • Clever
  • Disarmingly honest
  • Self-controlled
  • Hard-working
  • Fun-loving
  • Influential
  • Fault-finding
  • Great capacity for love and loyalty
  • Shrewd
  • Clannish
  • Efficient
  • Practical
  • Thrifty
  • Hears opportunity knocking
  • Active
  • Industrious
  • Gossip-loving busybody
  • Hoarder of sentimental trinkets and souvenirs (packrat!)
  • Penny-pinching but generous to a fault when it comes to those they love

Natural Gifts

Every parent worries endlessly about the safety of her child. Moms and dads of Rat natives can rest just a little easier at night than other parents, comforted by the knowledge that their child possesses a built-in alarm system that senses trouble in his midst and the accompanying defense mechanisms that will insure his safety.

Even as young children, the acquisitive Rat possesses a well-developed sense of economy, learning early to save and budget for the things he wants in life.

You are likely to discover that your Rat child is remarkably precocious when it comes to developing language and reading skills. Encourage this natural inclination! The Rat is reputed to have an inordinate capacity to be an excellent writer and communicator, given he has a strong eye for detail, an excellent memory, and an acuity for inquisition and research. It should be noted that some of the most esteemed authors and playwrights of history are born under the sign of the Rat, including William Shakespeare.

Your Rat child was born with the ability to attract and earn wealth through his qualities of shrewdness, resourcefulness, perseverance, and a strong work ethic.

Making Friends

Pals of your Rat child will and should count themselves lucky to have secured the friendship of such a loyal and doting friend. Rat emotions are not doled out lightly and without discrimination, so you should know that those tots who are drawn by friendship bonds into your child’s social sphere are a natural extension to your family. A companionable and demonstrative child who cherishes his buddies, the Rat will not be fond of having to spend too much time alone, and can be quite possessive of friends’ time and attention.

Rats get along swimmingly with Ox natives, appreciating the Ox’s reliability and unswerving devotion. He’ll find his favorite co-conspirators in the entrancing Dragon and the clever Monkey — the call for adventure will be irresistible to refuse for all. Rats are naturally quite popular and will easily make friends across the zodiac, but are likeliest to clash with the Horse, who is too changeable and emotionally emancipated for the Rat’s comfort- and security-seeking style of relationship.


Rat children talk early and are inquisitive about the world around them from day one. You won’t have to work too hard to encourage these intelligent children to apply themselves to schoolwork, for they are naturally ambitious, even competitive, when it comes to mastering any task at hand. These children will love books, and will be quick to acquire reading skills and understand the importance and power of the written word. Most Rats are achievement-oriented and will work to further their education throughout life, and many will go on to pursue advanced degrees.

Parenting the Rat Child

Rat emotional attachments and loyalties run very deep and are indelible once formed. As the lucky parents of this charming little dervish of goodwill, you will always be respected and well-regarded. If there is a child in the zodiac who will benignly overlook your parental shortcomings or care for you in your dotage, it is the Rat native. For the most part, your job will be a joy and an honor. Following are three tips for the enlightened parenting of a Rat child:

Forego attempts at benign trickery: Don’t resort to the typical parental tactics of using white lies or manufactured justifications to manipulate your Rat child. They are clever and won’t be easily fooled by your attempts to pull the wool over their eyes for your own convenience.

Respect the nest! On the positive side, you can trust your Rat child to take good care of his possessions and keep his room reasonably tidy. This self-discipline does have a cautionary attached to it: do not presume you have the parental right to remove toys, old clothes, and other knickknacks from your Rat child’s personal space! Expect to go ten rounds if you ever try to divest him of one of his belongings — Rats do not part easily with their possessions.

Help create a stepping stool from of a stumbling block: As children, Rats display a tendency to scatter energies in an attempt to do too much too soon. As adults, this temperamental wiring can take the form of excessive ambition for joining and winning the “rat race.” Help your Rat child temper his competitiveness if and when it becomes excessive to the situation at hand. Perspective, perspective, perspective!

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