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Chinese Zodiac for Kids and Parents

Expecting a bundle of joy in 2021? Read all about the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox

Patty Lindley

Published on: December 29, 2020

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Ox

What does the Chinese zodiac have to tell us about our children — and how best to parent them?

Every parent strives to provide his or her child with the best (and most self-aware) support possible, and that objective encourages a process of seeking guidance from many sources of wisdom, including doctors and other child-rearing experts, family and friends. By knowing more about our children and how they are wired, we can hopefully parent them better, right? The Chinese zodiac can be another useful and entertaining source to find out more about our children’s natural attributes and charms — and give us parents some intelligence about how best to raise them to achieve their full potential.

Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 12, 2021, and children born during this year will be natives of the sign of the Ox. (Note: If you are expecting a new baby before Feb. 12, your child will be born in the prior Chinese Year of the Rat.)

In Chinese culture, the ox is a highly valued animal. Kiddos born in the sign of the Ox are calm, fair-minded, dependable, honest and — as the saying goes — constitutionally strong. All traits that we hope emerge to guide us through these continued pandemic straits. Read on to learn more your little Ox.

To discover more about your child’s personality and natural gifts, locate his or her date of birth and corresponding Chinese zodiac sign in the table below — read your own profile to see if you recognize the child within you!

May the year ahead bring your family the steadying strength and perseverance of the Ox! !

The Rat Child

The Rat Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Ox Child

The Ox Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Tiger Child

The Tiger Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Rabbit Child

The Rabbit Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Dragon Child

The Dragon Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Snake Child

The Snake Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Horse Child

The Horse Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Sheep Child

The Sheep Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Monkey Child

The Monkey Child 

Chinese Zodiac: The Rooster Child

 The Rooster Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Dog Child

The Dog Child

Chinese Zodiac: The Pig Child

The Pig Child

Chinese Calendar 1991–2021

For complete tables, check the Chinese Zodiac entry.

Zodiac Sign Date Range
Sheep Feb. 15, 1991–Feb.  3, 1992
Monkey Feb.  4, 1992–Jan. 22, 1993
Rooster Jan. 23, 1993–Feb.  9, 1994
Dog Feb. 10, 1994–Jan. 30 1995
Pig Jan. 31, 1995–Feb. 18, 1996
Rat Feb. 19, 1996–Feb.  6, 1997
Ox Feb.  7, 1997–Jan. 27, 1998
Tiger Jan. 28, 1998–Feb. 15, 1999
Rabbit Feb. 16, 1999–Feb.  4, 2000
Dragon Feb.  5, 2000–Jan. 23, 2001
Snake Jan. 24, 2001–Feb. 11, 2002
Horse Feb. 12, 2002–Jan. 31, 2003
Sheep Feb.  1, 2003–Jan. 21, 2004
Monkey Jan. 22, 2004–Feb.  8, 2005
Rooster Feb.  9, 2005–Jan. 28, 2006
Dog Jan. 29, 2006–Feb. 17, 2007
Pig Feb. 18, 2007–Feb.  6, 2008
Rat Feb. 7, 2008–Jan. 25, 2009
Ox Jan. 26, 2009–Feb. 13, 2010
Tiger Feb. 14, 2010–Feb.  2, 2011
Rabbit Feb. 3, 2011–Jan. 22, 2012
Dragon Jan. 23, 2012–Feb. 9, 2013
Snake Feb. 10, 2013–Jan. 30, 2014
Horse Jan. 31, 2014–Feb. 18, 2015
Sheep Feb. 19, 2015–Feb. 7, 2016
Monkey Feb. 8, 2016–Jan. 27, 2017
Rooster Jan. 28, 2017–Feb. 15, 2018
Dog Feb. 16, 2018–Feb. 4, 2019
Pig Feb. 5, 2019–Jan. 24, 2020
Rat Jan. 25, 2020–Feb. 11, 2021
Ox Feb. 12, 2021–Jan. 30, 2022


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