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Chinese Zodiac: The Rooster Child

Patty Lindley

Published on: December 29, 2021

Welcome to the Chinese zodiac for kids and parents!

Image of a stamp featuring a Chinese depiction of the Year of the RoosterAbout the Rooster Child

Your Rooster child is a self-starter, naturally evolving his own efficient modes of operation. Self-disciplined and not shy about expressing his opinions, he is a bit of a character, an eccentric even. An optimistic dreamer, he hatches big plans and sets into motion a precise and meticulous plan to realize them. As his parent, you may occasionally stand helplessly by as your utterly fearless Rooster child careens toward certain doom, but you’ll learn early that wild horses couldn’t drag him away from his aim. And, to be fair, many of his schemes do pay off.

Roosters can be blind to their own faults and stubbornly resistant to accepting when they are wrong. They possess many fine talents, much faith in their abilities, and a raft of idiosyncrasies that make living with them a most interesting ride. The Rooster loves basking in the spotlight, and is gifted at self-expression. His grandiose vision of life often leads him to a career in the public eye. Serious swagger.

Dauntless and chivalrous, the Rooster conceives of himself as a latter-day knight with noble ideals and a shining purpose. With his boundless energy, unsinkable optimism, and healthy self-regard, he is capable of reaching for the stars. Astronaut and former U.S. Senator John Glenn is an example of just how far Rooster focus and self-discipline can take these natives. To the moooooon!!


Personality Traits

  • Misunderstood
  • Eccentric
  • Self-assured
  • Aggressive
  • Dignified
  • Talkative
  • Neat
  • Meticulous
  • Decisive
  • Efficient
  • Alert
  • Direct
  • Critical
  • Proselytizer
  • Stage hog
  • Well-versed
  • Witty
  • Amusing
  • Imposing
  • Staying power
  • Opinionated
  • Fiscal flair
  • Heart of gold
  • Sharp dresser

Natural Gifts

The Rooster is a tireless worker, consistently applying himself 110%. He possesses the dream and an indomitable ambition, as well as the work ethic, to keep his beak to the grindstone.

Making Friends

The Rooster possesses an intrepid personality that attracts the old-soul Snake and regimented Ox. The larger-than-life Dragon takes the Rooster’s big plans at face value, being something of a grandiose thinker and performer in his own right. The Rat and the Rooster will spend most of their time together arguing and trying one another’s patience; and the peace-loving Rabbit will abhor the Rooster’s constant grandstanding and argumentation.


A focused student and fast learner, the Rooster child possesses a natural industry and regimentation that outfit him well for academic efforts. He genuinely enjoys learning and will approach his studies with zest and alertness.

Parenting the Rooster Child


Inability to admit when he’s wrong: Knowledgeable and well-versed, the Rooster has a love of the limelight and a love of being right, in equal measure. More than a match in a debate, he will filibuster shamelessly rather than admit when he is wrong. Help him understand that graciously allowing he doesn’t know everything is a very human and appreciated admission.

Cock of the walk: Roosters lack self-restraint and tend to be immoderate in their actions — do your level best to institute firm but fair correction to help him direct his unruly energies into channels and activities most likely to yield results.

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