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Cleaning Hack--Get your kids their own bucket o' supplies

Published on: December 30, 2013

I got this totally effective idea from my friend Heather, who I'm sure I've mentioned on every one of my blogs.

Go to Target right now and buy a bucket, whisk broom, dust pan, microfiber cleaning mitt, a spray bottle and non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner. (I'll wait).

You're back? Okay.

Tell your children that because they are such good helpers, you are bestowing them with their VERY OWN cleaning supplies. (If you can afford to get each child their own bucket, etc., this will reduce squabbling. Duh.)

When it is time to sweep up, wipe the counters or dust and the kids are whining that they need/want something you are not prepared to get them because you are busy MAKING THE HOUSE RELATIVELY DECENT FOR THEM TO LIVE IN, send them for their buckets 'o supplies.

As long as you're cleaning, they might as well be cleaning alongside you.

Now, can I hear a chorus of Whistle While You Work?

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