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Coraline: Think twice before taking little kids

Published on: December 30, 2013

Just got back from taking my kids - ages 9 and 12 - to see Neil Gaiman's creepy masterpiece-turned-movie, Coraline. We loved it! But, judging from the sounds around us in the theater - crying, whimpering and outright begging ("Mommy! I wanna go home!") - lots of kidlets came with parents who didn't know - or didn't care - that this is one seriously eerie movie. I mean, seriously.

I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan, of both his books for adults and children, and couldn't wait to see this film. It's been getting great reviews, especially for the animation, which is nothing short of fantastic. My 12-year-old is one of those rare children that starts laughing at the macabre at around age 7; she is more likley to have a nightmare about not getting invited to a party than about the goulish mother with buttons for eyes in Coraline. My son is another story - that's why I made him read the book before we went to the show. He was up for it. He's telling me tonight that he loved it. But I'm guessing he'll sleep with his light on tonight.

So, word to the wise. Yes, it's rated PG, and yes, it's based on a children's book. A scary children's book. Do a little homework before you take anyone young or tender to Coraline - but do go and see it yourself!

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