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17 Birthday Party Ideas Featuring Minions

Try these fun treats and decorations, perfect for any kid who is crazy for 'Minions' and 'Despicable Me'

Published on: September 08, 2013


Party like a Minion! 

Those cute minions from the Minions and Despicable Me make a fun party theme, and who doesn't love their hilarious antics? Check out our roundup of fantastic themed food and crafts for your Minion-crazy kid.

Minion Invitation

Try starting with a great invite. There are lots of options for buying minion invites online or you could make your own:

Take yellow cardstock and fold it in half, then trim to 5 1/2” long by 4 1/4” wide. Then, round all four corners of the card (with the card folded) with scissors to make an oval shape: the minion’s body. Next, use a half-inch circle punch to punch the eye shape from black paper. Or, just free-cut a circle. The edges will be covered in glitter and won’t show.

Next, trace the shape of the yellow minion body onto a piece of blue cardstock with a pencil. Cut out the blue shape, and then draw the minion’s overalls onto the bottom half of the blue shape in with a pencil. Cut out and glue the overalls to the bottom half of the card with a glue stick. Adhere large wiggle eyes in the center of each black circle. Add a line of white glue around the edge of each black circle and sprinkle with silver glitter.

While waiting for the glue to dry, draw in overall buttons on the minion’s clothing with a black marker. Don’t forget the other details, such as hair and a smile! When the eyes have dried, glue to the minion body and cut two thin strips of black cardstock for goggle earpieces and add to your minion. Write the party info on the inside page of your card. 

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Door Decoration

Minion door decor

Set the scene for the party right from the start with this great minion door décor! Cover the entire front door with yellow butcher or Kraft paper. Then, cover the bottom third of the door in blue paper. Then, cut strips of blue paper to create his overall straps. Next, cut out large white circles for eyes. Strips of black paper become the goggle straps, and small black circles the pupils. Add a black paper smile to complete your larger-than-life minion.

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Activities Hats

Minion party hats

For a fun twist on party hats, try this minion headgear, from Kristin Hayes on Pinterest. These are made by using a yellow foam visors, available at craft and discount stores. Orient the visor so that the rounded part faces up (upside down). Cut black foam into a strip that fits the width of the visor and glue across the middle. Then, cut out one or two black circles (depending on whether your minion will have one or two eyes) and glue on top of the black strip to resemble goggles. Top off the circles with large wiggly eyes, and then add in a few cut pieces of black pipe cleaners for hair. Wear on the head upside down, like a headband. For best results, glue the parts onto the visor with a hot glue gun.


Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Cupcakes

Minion cupcakes

These minion cupcakes are so easy because you put them together from prebaked cupcakes and Twinkies. Of course you could make your own cupcakes, or choose store-bought with white icing. Emilie of Pluckymomo added Twinkies for the minion bodies, white candy eyes and details in black frosting. Genius! Check out the full instructions at PluckyMomo.

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Marshmallows

Minion marshmallows

Make mini minion marshmallows using instructions by Rock UR Party. These cute little guys could go home with your guests in a treat bag or become party food. These look difficult, but they are actually large marshmallows dipped in melted yellow candy melts. The overalls are blue fruit roll-ups wrapped around the bottom parts of the dipped marshmallows. The goggles and eyes are created with candy eyes and black frosting. Put these on a lollipop sticks or use them as cupcake or mini brownie toppers. 

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Cake

Minion cake

Or do you just want to decorate one cake and be done? Try this minion cake made from a sheet cake, by Betty Blogger Heather Baird at Cut off the corners of a rectangular sheet cake to make an oval minion body. After frosting in yellow and blue, make an eye by frosting a chocolate peppermint patty in white. An upside-down Hershey’s Kiss becomes the pupil. The goggles are made from chewy chocolate candy (such as Tootsie Rolls) rolled in silver sprinkles, but fondant would work just as well. The final details are made of licorice and black frosting.

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Activities

Minion bowling

Emilie at Pluckymomo made this fabulous minion bowling game. She recycled six 2-liter soda bottles for pins, painting them yellow and blue with spray paint. She then taped paper goggles onto each and drew on a smile in black sharpie. Check out the link to see the tutorial, and download her free goggle printable. Set these up like bowling pins and let your party guests “bowl” with a soccer or basketball for a fun game! These would also make great table centerpieces if your guests aren’t up for bowling.

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Pinata

Minion piñata

This DIY evil minion piñata will beat any you could buy at the store. Tonya of Create-Celebrate-Explore made this purple creature out of painted foam board. If you are out of purple paint, or just don’t have time, you could also cover the body of the piñata in purple crepe paper streamers (wrap around the body, overlapping the edges) or glue on purple paper or poster board. Tonya used fur trimmed leg warmers for hair, but you could also purchase fun fur material at the fabric store.

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Treat Bags Favors

Minion treat bags

Use some of the leftover supplies from the piñata to create these fun minion treat bags for collecting piñata loot. If you can’t find yellow paper bags, consider using brown or white paper lunch bags. Simply trace the bag shape onto a piece of yellow construction paper and glue the resulting rectangle onto the front of the bag. Then add the features with the brown and silver cardstock to make the eye and finish it with black sharpie hair! Full tutorial at Create-Celebrate-Explore

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Bookmark

Minion bookmark

Oh no! The minion bookmark is eating my math book! The bookmark is inserted on the corner of the page of your favorite (or least favorite) book. This craft would make a great activity for kids to complete during your party. For a smooth crafting experience, we suggest having all the pieces pre-cut and ready for assembly. The video tutorial will show you how to make this despicably cute craft step by step. You could even set up your laptop at the craft table and let the video teach for you! By the crafty crew at Cut Out and Keep.

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Candy Spoon

Minion candy spoons

Amy of Living Locurto made these minion candy spoons for Easter, but these would make great party favors. Simply dip blue plastic spoons into melted yellow candy melts. Once the yellow melts have cooled, add candy eyes and draw on features with black gel icing. You could simply wrap these up in clear cellophane and tie with a ribbon, or go an extra step and attach to a piece of cardstock with a cute saying for a fun party favor. How about: “You’re one in a minion!”

Birthday Party Ideas Despicable Me Minion Activities Finger Puppets

Minion finger puppets

Jenni and Louise over at came up with this fun minion finger puppet craft. This could be pre-made to send home in goody bags or done during the party as an activity. Cut off the fingers of yellow kitchen gloves, and then use a thin black Sharpie to draw on minion features. So easy! Google minion pictures to get ideas for a variety of facial expressions. See how they did it at Paging Fun Mums.

Photo credit: Life is Poppin'

Minion mix

Your party guests will love to munch on this minion mix from the Life is Poppin’ blog. The recipe is super simple and the blog’s author even provides links for purchasing Wilton candy eyes and M&M’s in blue and yellow. Of course, that’s only if you don’t want to sort M&Ms and eat the other colors! Yummy!

Photo credit: Racks and Mooby

Unicorn fur

It’s so fluffy! Check out this ingenious idea from the blog Racks and Mooby. Kyra, the blog’s author served blue and pink cotton candy and called it unicorn fur. Check out the entire post for other great Minion Party ideas, including links to free printables. Here’s a link to purchase cotton candy online if you can’t find any in your area. 

Photo credit: Kandy Kreations

Evil minion can game

For a fun way to conquer the evil minions, try this evil minion can game. Print out the PDF from the blog Kandy Kreations and adhere to twelve clean, empty cans. Set up the cans in a pyramid and knock down with bean bags or a soft ball. You could also let your guests shoot the cans with a Power Popper, a toy gun that shoots soft balls

Photo credit: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Minion bingo

The blog Artsy Fartsy Mama offers this free printable minion bingo game. The great thing about this game is that it is created from pictures of adorable Minion characters with no words, so even pre readers can play. Use blue and yellow M&Ms as markers, or laminate the set and use dry erase pens. 

Photo credit: Create-Celebrate-Explore

Minion lip balm

We love it when party favors are something kids will use after the celebration is over. Tonya from the blog Create-Celebrate-Explore decorated yellow EOS lip balms with Sharpies and paint pens to create perfect little minion gifts.

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