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What Fatherhood Means to Me

In honor of Father's Day, we asked writers to tell us what fatherhood means to them

Published on: May 25, 2018

father with baby

Some families have no dad. Others have two. Still more have a dad who doesn’t live nearby or a dad who died or a dad who’s at home full-time. Fatherhood, like parenthood, has no one definition.

You’ll see that in this collection of essays. These stories offer a sense of what being a dad means in 2018.

For one writer, that means using chess to teach his son (and himself) a lesson. For another, how to use the night before his son’s big baseball game to bond. For still another, how to field the surprised reactions of friends and family that guess what? He’s actually pretty good at this dad thing.

These are stories that, we hope, stick with you and your family long past Father’s Day. We know they will for us.

Thoughts on fatherhood

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