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FUN Giveaway: Giant Magnet Tix, 'Sleeping Beauty' Tix, and Tutu Pour Mon Deux!

Published on: December 30, 2013

First, how to enter:

  • Email us ( and put "magnet," "tutu"  or "sleeping" in the subject line.
  • You can enter both giveaways, but send a separate email for each one.
  • Don't enter by commenting on this blog post, because the Giveaway Queen only does email.
  • Contest closes Friday, May 6, 5 p.m., when we'll choose winners at random.
  • You must be an e-news subscriber to win.

Now, the good stuff:

1. Giant Magnet's 25th annual International Children's Festival kicks off May 10, and you want to be there. Why? You'll see performers you won't see anywhere else, and the shows are just as absorbing for adults as they are for kids. This year, three extraordinary Chinese companies are on the lineup -- as well as music, puppetry and circus arts.  We're giving away 5 family 4-packs!

2. Win a sweet customized (size, shirt, patch, colors and ribbon style) tutu by Tutu Pour Mon Deux for your dressing-up kid! The winner's email will be sent to the company -- because the prize is customized, you'll be working with them to get what you want.

3. Bonus giveaway! Three pairs of tix to the May 8, 1 p.m., performance of "Sleeping Beauty" at Renton Carco Theatre! StoryBook Theater's comic musical has been selling out in other venues -- it's a lot of fun for families with smaller kids. (We'll be choosing a winner for this one by end of day, Wednesday, May 4 -- because the show is on May 8.)

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