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Have you let yourself go?

Published on: December 30, 2013

Dang it! Somewhere in between running a household and working full time, driving to vital kid appointments, hauling geriatric cats to the vet, vacuuming, food shopping, cleaning (when indicated by haz-mat meter), carpooling, volunteering with Girl Scouts, at the school….somewhere in there I appear to have “let myself go.”picture-2.png


I forgot, in the process of raising people – people who are a credit to their race or at least no longer bite – in the process of that little job, I forgot to make myself look foxy.

At least I’m not alone. A new Suave commercial asserts that “89% of moms admit they've let themselves go.” Thanks to all of you other slobs for not making me look bad!

Yup, 89 percent of us moms are just not looking our best. What a disappointment we all are! Check out the ad on Suave’s site – – click on “our story,” then “advertising,” then “anthem.”

Kind-of clever, really. I like the way the supermodel gets all messy after having kids. Like that flappy hat really makes her look like one of us…us…slob-moms who have really let ourselves go. You will be relieved to learn that Suave shampoo can help!

Actually, I love a good before-and-after photo as much as the next gal. In my rare TV-viewing time, I dig me some “What Not to Wear.” Mostly because they somehow manage to find women who are more clueless than me, and that makes me feel good. Feel like a fox!

I also do love looking good, when I can manage it, and I’m no martyr to mommyhood. Honestly, I make plenty of time for “me” – maybe more than many moms. I’m just modeling self-care for my 11-year-old daughter when I haul it to yoga or get those picture-3.pnghighlights. It makes me feel good to look good. I just don’t always have the time.

Anyway, “letting yourself go” implies you had a hold of yourself in the first place. Whatever. Gotta go pluck my eyebrows.

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