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'Having It All' Movie Screening

Documentary by Vlada Knowlton

Rory Graves

Published on: March 31, 2015

Marymoor Productions brings you 'Having It All', a documentary by Vlada Knowlton. Three women set out to live their dream of balancing career, marriage, and children. After two trying years of unanticipated trade-offs and painful sacrifices, each finds herself with a changed life and a changed idea of what HAVING IT ALL really means.



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ParentMap’s mission driven content for 2015-2016 is Making It Work, focusing on the issues families face around work/life balance. This issue gets the universal nod of interest both from readers and businesses all struggling to achieve some sort of balance.

ParentMap presented the premiere screening of "Having It All" on May 18 at Town Hall in Seattle to a sold out audience of 600 followed by a lecture with Dr. John Gottman.  The collective and overwhelming response to our premiere screening by both the viewing audience and corporate partners has been fascinating at this time where work/life balance issues are hitting the forefront. On July 29 at Majestic Bay Theatres we held a second screening, again to a sold out audience, of 250 people.


What people are saying about the film…

Most couples are woefully unprepared for the great joy and significant challenges that a new life brings to their union. Having It All gives an honest view into the realities through the eyes of three professional women and sets the stage for meaningful discussions for how we might better navigate this precious time in life.

– ALAYNE SULKIN, Founder and CEO of ParentMap Magazine


The women were so open and honest. Having It All resonated for me as a working mother in important ways, highlighting the challenge involved in figuring out how to integrate work, family, and self. It’s far harder – and more common – than is typically discussed, but this movie is a great way to get that discussion going!

– SARA SUTTON FELL, Founder and CEO of, Founder of 1 Million for Work Flexibility



The film presented an in depth look into parenthood (whether contemplating it or in the thick of child rearing) and explored the impact that children have on both relationships and careers. The film was honest and not without surprises.

– KIM ESTES, Professional Parent Educator and Public Speaker, Founder of Savvy Parents Safe Kids, Co-founder of Mamacon





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