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7 Awesome Backyard Activities for Kids on Rainy Days

Messy-fun diversions to entertain kids through the wet season

Rory Graves

Published on: December 14, 2020

Child sitting in a rain puddle playing, wearing yellow boots and holding a yellow leaf

Give them an excuse go outside this fall

It’s easy to equate the dreary season that befalls the Pacific Northwest each year with frizzy hair, soggy leaves and too much time spent cooped up indoors with stir-crazy kids. Multiply that feeling by 100 this year.

But while parents may look outside and see a muddy yard and dour skies, for a child, a rainy day offers a novel way to explore a familiar landscape. Nature in any season provides enlivening experiences — and, correspondingly, kids seem to naturally understand that time spent outside can bring us to our senses.

Use the arrows above the image to find some creative ways to encourage your family to unplug from electronics, get outside and explore their immediate environment this season.

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