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Helping with homework: How much is too much?

Published on: December 30, 2013

How much homework help should we give our kids? Should we sit on the sidelines and let our kids offer barely passable projects? Or should we break out the super-tools and show them how it's done? Things get especially thorny when another child's mom or dad steps up with top-notch materials and Nobel Prize-level backgrounds in fields like engineering. If all the other parents help and you don't, does it put your kid at a disadvantage?

I'll be discussing this topic next week on KING TV's Parent-to-Parent (8:15, channel 6, Monday, Oct. 4). In the meantime, here are some tips from my book, Beyond Smart on ways to help your grade-school age kids with their homework:

  • Set up a homework routine.
  • Find a quiet space for your child to work.
  • Set aside a regular study time.
  • Check your child's assignment sheet.
  • Remind your child to bring his work back to school.
  • Check with the teacher if you think you should be more (or less) involved in your child's home assignment.
  • Find our how much time your child should be spending on homework.
  • Let the teacher know if your child's spending too little or too much time on his work.

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