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Best Spring Break Activities and Outings for Families Around Seattle

Where to play, indoors and out, during spring break 2024

Nancy Chaney

Published on: April 03, 2024

brother and sister running through cherry blossom trees during spring break
Find some cherry blossoms during spring break?

Spring break means play time

Spring break is nearly upon us! Many families are traveling during this school break, lots more of us are sticking around town. And we need a change of scenery, too — or a change of routine, at least! There’s one thing we all need to do, kids and parents alike: Ditch the devices and go play.

We’ve rounded up some super fun ideas for your family playtime this spring break, including some indoor options, as the forecast is predicting some drizzly moments. No matter, we’ll be going outside anyhow — and also doing our sun dance, of course.

Note: This article was originally published a few years ago and has been updated for spring break 2024.

First stop: blooming business

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