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7 Hikes With a Prize for Puget Sound Families

From ice to water play to ghost towns, these hikes pay off big for families

Published on: May 01, 2017

7 Hikes With a Prize for Puget Sound Families

meadowdale beach
Meadowdale Beach. Credit: Jennifer Johnson

Meadowdale Beach Park

The prize

A freshwater stream and saltwater beach offer splashy options for spring and summer play.

The hike

Lynnwood's Meadowdale Beach Park is popular local destination for families. What starts as a wide dirt trail then descends sharply into Lund’s Gulch, leveling out along a creek and within a half-mile of the beach. Parents will appreciate the deep shade of the mature forest. Bring waders or old tennis shoes to walk through the tunnel — in the water — that carries the creek under the railroad tracks and to the beach. Check the water level and your comfort level first, of course. Play on the beach but save some energy for the climb back up to the parking lot.

Details: 2.5 miles round trip, 400 feet elevation gain. No parking permit needed. 

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