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12 Inclusive and Diverse Toys for Kids

Teach your kids about diversity, inclusion and different cultures with these awesome toys

Ella Gonchar

Published on: May 27, 2021


Inclusivity is learned at a very young age and play time is the perfect time to start teaching little ones all about diversity and the many different cultures that make up our world. We've rounded up a dozen different toy options from inspirational dolls to multicultural mini-figures to show your kid that there's a whole world of different people out there. 

1. A customizable doll kit

This unique doll kit comes ready to go with interchangeable hair, clothes and accessories. Your kiddo can easily customize their new toy to look just like them or someone they know. 

2. Colors for every skin tone

Teach your little ones about diversity by giving them the option to draw in any color. These skin-tone-colored markers are a great way to represent all the different shades of the world in their artwork. 

3. A coloring book that teaches sign language

Get creative and learn to sign with this cute coloring book. Not only can you color in adorable illustrations, but you and the kids can also start learning American Sign Language.

4. Multiracial family building blocks

Let your kiddos build their family and friends with this interchangeable and inclusive block set. Equipped with embedded magnets, these blocks are perfect for play time and encouraging conversations about race. 


5. Inclusive and inspiring dolls

Lottie Dolls come in a variety of styles, ethnicities, interests and more. This doll named Mia is a wildlife photographer with a cochlear implant. These dolls are not only adorable but they inspire and help kiddos feel included and understood.

6. Diverse abilities figure set

An inclusive doll set is a fantastic way to encourage social awareness during play. This figure set is the ideal size for your little ones to play and learn with. 


7. Plush toys that celebrate Indian culture

Modi Toys is a family-owned business with a passion for teaching about Indian culture. These mini-sized plush toys are adorable and a great way to celebrate Indian culture with your kiddos. 


8. A wooden puzzle that promotes diversity

A simple puzzle is a great learning toy for kids and this puzzle is no exception. Celebrating diversity and having fun, this wooden puzzle will keep your child engaged and help them learn about different people in their community. 

9. Blocks to help kids develop social awareness

Promoting emotional intelligence and social awareness, these fun blocks are a great option to add to your toy box. Your kids can mix and match faces and bodies while learning about different emotions and people. 

10. Dolls with a mission

These adorable Heart For Hearts dolls have options for various cultures so your kids can learn about their heritage and get inspired to make a difference. Each doll has a mission to make the world a better place and a storybook that details it, so learning and playing can go hand in hand. 

11. A multicultural puzzle

This puzzle featuring a multicultural band of musicians will help kids work on pattern recognition, and develop both fine motor skills and social understanding — all while having fun.

12. Lego-compatible mini-figs that represent different cultures

Adding a diverse community of figures to the Lego set is an excellent way to inspire creativity and learn about different cultures. These Lego-compatible mini-figures are the perfect addition to any creation. 

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