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Cool Toys and Cozy Gear for Your Next Snow Day

Snow brick molds, unicorn sleds, dino snowsuits and more

Ella Gonchar

Published on: December 02, 2022


With temperatures dropping and kids excited to run around in the snow, there’s no better time to get some new snow gear and accessories to amp up the fun. From igloo building to adventures on snowy mountains, we’ve listed the best snow toys and gear for these cold winter months. 

1. Snowball maker kit

For the beloved pastime of snow days, these playful snowball makers are just the thing to spice up your snowball fights. With this kit, your little ones can launch into battle with snowballs shaped like dinosaurs, hearts, ducks and snowpeople. 


2. Toddler snow boots

Great for keeping your kiddo’s feet warm and dry, these Nova snow boots are just the thing to romp around in the snow. They come in a variety of different colors and patterns so your little one can pick out the perfect pair for them.

3. Snow brick mold

Building an igloo is a great snow-day activity. These snow brick molds are ideal for quickly building neat and functional bricks for your igloo. 

4. Dino snowsuit

The perfect stylish snowsuit for your kid, this dinosaur outfit comes in a variety of shades and styles. Your kiddo will love getting ready for the snow with this cozy-cute getup.

5. Snow shovels

Let the kids help shovel the driveway with these heavy-duty snow shovels for kids. Not only do these offer a great excuse to get out of the house and get some snow moved around, but they are also perfect to keep in the trunk of the car. 

6. Adorable balaclava

Make staying warm exciting with these animal-inspired balaclavas. Available in an assortment of colors and animal faces, your little one can dress up for the cold like their favorite animal. 

7. Inflatable snow tube

These inflatable and easy-to-pack tubes are ideal for a fun day of sledding. They are also available in a variety of different kid-friendly themes, such as an ice dragon, polar bear, penguin and flamingo

8. Cozy mittens

These mittens are excellent for building a snowman or spending a day on the mountain. With multiple color options and a cozy fleece lining, your child’s hands will stay warm all day long. 

9. Snowproof gloves

For kids who prefer gloves to mittens, these waterproof (and snow-proof) gloves are just what they need to stay out all day in the snow. Available in a multitude of colors and patterns, these gloves will help your kiddos be warm and stylish at the park or on a snowy mountain. 

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