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7 Stunning Local Wonders You Should Visit This Summer With Kids

Find these amazing sights right in our own backyard

Published on: April 12, 2023

Snow covered Mt. Saint Helens
View of Mount St. Helens

Awesome wonders right in our own backyard

Sure, incredible pictures of icy Nordic fjords, the limestone karst hills of Guilin, China, or Australia's Great Barrier Reef may make you long for an epic international family vacation. But as it turns out, we’ve got some pretty amazing sights right here in our own state.

If you live in Washington, you probably don’t need reminding that the active volcano Mount Rainier is the fourth highest peak in the United States — and a beauty at that. And you already know that Snoqualmie Falls is both taller and more beautiful than Niagara — while also affording an accessible, family-friendly hike.

In fact, you’re probably familiar with many places on this list (it’s hard to keep a natural wonder secret), but there may just be a few surprises in the mix. Use the arrows above the image, or click the link below, to preview seven wonderful natural wonders to visit with kids — all right in our own backyard.

First up: Mount St. Helens

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