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More on mammograms: Check Your Boobies now!

Published on: December 30, 2013

images1Those new mammogram recommendations just aren't sitting well over here at PM World Headquarters. We asked our friend Heike, founder of Check Your Boobies, to weigh in on this ...ah...crushingly important topic.

Here's her response:

We know that early detection is the most important factor for a positive outcome in a breast cancer diagnosis.

I am one of many who found a lump through breast self exam and am lucky enough to be considered a survivor 5 years later. CYB is an organization working with many women who are alive and thriving today because of the existing screening methods available.

More accurate and cost effective screening methods for both younger and older women are desperately needed. CYB believes that, until we find more reliable screening methods, we must continue to offer mammography screening to women 40-49 and continue to educate women on the importance of checking their own breasts and knowing their body.

In light of the confusion these new screening recommendations pose for women, it is more important than ever to educate women on the importance of knowing their breasts, being educated about risk factors, understanding the implications of their personal/family medical history and how to access appropriate health care. It is critical that all women know what is normal for their body so that if any changes occur they will take action and access a health care provider.

PS: Don’t forget to Check Your Boobies. Here's how.

Heike Malakoff

Founder & Executive Director

Check Your Boobies

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