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Once a month is not enough

Published on: December 30, 2013

Hey – I’m not down on my beloved monthly mag. I love me some Maps. But after a couple of decades in daily news, I’ve had a hard time adjusting to the … ah …. pace of a monthly. It’s like running through honey. A press release crosses my e-desk and I shriek, “OH, you have GOT to be KIDDING ME!” Two crazed cats scramble for their lives, pinging off each other and the walls, and I fire off a pissed-off email to a few pals. Maybe it’ll make it into my Postings column the next issue – if it makes the cut. By then, the story will be weeks old. End of story.

Or is it? I’m psyched about this blog. For one thing, things happen every day that matter to families around here. We put the more dire ones up on our home page (“Death toys recalled!” “Forcing babies to smoke declared illegal!” “Cheez Doodles lead to weight loss!” … OK, made that one up…). But what about the rest of it?

It’s time to let you in on a little secret: We know stuff – LOTS of stuff - and we tell it to each other all the time. We get the press releases, the opening night passes, the inside scoop, the free swag. We are nearly 50 staff and writers -- curious and insanely busy moms and dads -- trying, testing, tasting, touring and digging. We just can’t fit it all in our mags. My pal Kris Collingridge just found a well-kept secret place to take wild things for dinner and checked out a big “child-friendly” show – that wasn’t. How could she keep that to herself? We have a breastfeeding expert, an adventure grandma, and a craft maven that could Mod Podge Martha’s muffins. We have a nutrition buff, a rockin’ fun dad, a shopping addict, a travel pro, and an on-the-town editor who really gets around.

nom nom nom

Starting now, you’ll find all that crunchy goodness right here, updated daily. Tell us what you think! And just kiddin’ about the Cheez Doodles.

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