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10 Life Hacks for Busy Parents

Need organization and efficiency in your home? Get started with this list

Published on: September 16, 2019

Busy mom with young son

Stay sane with these tips

Working while managing a household and kids can be beautifully chaotic — and chaos can increase when the kids go back to school and schedules get a little busier. Finding ways to become more efficient with household tasks and your children’s needs means you’ll have more time for the fun things in life, like playing tag with your kids or reading books while cuddling in bed. Here are 10 tips to increase your efficiency, both at home and work.

1. Hold family meetings

Hold a weekly meeting with all members of your household to review big events, check-in with each other and make sure that everyone is ready for the week ahead. Keep this check-in brief but do address issues that might be causing strife in your home. Most family meetings can be done in 10 to 15 minutes and everyone will be on the same page for the coming days. Here's a complete guide to family meetings.

2. Keep a family calendar

There are a billion calendar apps out there for families, from Cozi to Google Calendar. And don't forget basic paper calendars for the wall! Keeping one calendar where family members can note events that affect the entire household will keep everyone aware of what's next.

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