ParentMap, April 2014 Issue

Published on: March 28, 2014

ParentMap, April 2014

Every April, we honor Washington's Superheroes. These amazing individuals are making our lives better and our communities stronger through science, poetry, community service, activism and raising awareness. 

Continuing ParentMap's mission to foster conversation around important issues, we bring you the latest in how school safety has changed in the year since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Also in this issue: how to raise a mathlete, a guide to traveling to Alaska with the whole family, and programs that introduce teens to positive peer pressure.

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Ages & Stages:
3-10 The Silent Treatment: Helping Kids Overcome Selective Mutism
10-18 Making it Count: How to Raise a Mathlete

Feature: Schooled, But Are They Safe? How Campus Security Has Changed Since Sandy Hook

Someone You Should Know: 2014 Superheroes for Washington Families

Out & About:
Amazing Alaska: Three Family-friendly Ways to Explore the Last Frontier

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