ParentMap, January 2009 Issue

Published on: January 01, 2009

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Tearing out your hair over that all-too-common parenting problem: finding good, affordable child care? Our experts cast a net far and wide to find local families who've found creative child-care solutions.

Is 2009 your year to get organized? We can help! Our Ages & Stages section this month is packed with great ideas for getting that whippersnapper whipped into shape — whether it's a tidier nursery, a toddler that hoards Hello Kittys, or a college student in need of a calmer approach to college apps

Make fun a priority in 2009 with a splashy-cool visit to a brand-new family destination: Great Wolf Lodge.

The preschool pros at ParentMap are at it again — with the first of our special series on preschool issues. This month: picking a preschool. (P.S. Check out our fab Preschool Preview Nights!)

Solving the Child-care Conundrum


Ages & Stages: Get organized!

Getting School Ready:
Why preschool matters

Out & About:

    Media: Editor's picks for media gifts


    Wisdom Commons: tips for teaching your values


    From our Readers: Letters to the Editor

    About this issue

    Dear Reader,

    "Thank goodness it's over!"“Thank goodness that’s over!” was the appropriately hilarious caption for the photo (at right) on a New Year’s card I recently received. After LOL, I shared the funny with a coworker, who added the signature snort that accompanies her every laugh.

    Feeling better for a fleeting moment, we were sobered as we snapped back to the discouraging news of the day (“Ice melting across globe at accelerating rate,” says NASA) and how challenging 2009 will likely be for many families and institutions already suffering. The current economic and environmental woes seem contagious. What can we as parents do?

    ParentMap staff and my own family are making New Year’s resolutions to take action where we can, and give more. We also committed to be more eco-conscious now — without waiting for the government to lead. We’ll start today in our own homes in lots of little ways: hanging up clothes, recycling everything, and sharing what we have (visit Green Bites for four simple things your family can do right now!).

    Our commitment to giving continues in 2009 with our support of the new year’s Giving Together recipients, who, like so many essential organizations, will desperately need our citizenship and service in 2009. In the spirit of giving year 'round, please learn about the work being done by these worthy organizations.

    And how do we steward virtues like compassion, generosity, service and fairness in our kids? Model it, momma! You are leader of something — whether COO of the house, or Prez-elect with daughters in tow serving food — and you have the power to show the little darlings a way to great happiness: balance, forethought, prudence and teamwork!

    It’s our job to ensure that the next generation exhibits these qualities with greater conviction than we see today. Join us as we launch our family’s “virtue of the week” dinner discussion, or sign up for The Daily Wisbit.  (See "Wisdom Commons: a sprout from Seeds of Compassion.")

    One of my simplest 2009 resolutions is to spread the happy factor! I’ve got it to spare, it’s free, and it’s actually contagious! (See Postings.)


    Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

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