ParentMap, March 2008 Issue

Published on: March 01, 2008

ParentMap March 2008 issue

Those little bundles of joy can make a train wreck out of any career. Get yours back on the rails! We've got info and inspiration from the best in the ease your merge onto the ol' on-ramp. Plus, is your preschooler a specialist? Learn eight types o' smarts ...and find out how to keep girls interested in science.

Feature: Mapping your career after kids

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Giving Together: ParentMap's 2008 Giving Together Partners

From our Readers: Letters to the Editor

About this issue

Dear Reader,

Yes We Can! 

Call me shameful, but I proudly
borrow the motivating and oft-repeated Obama line that is helping to move our
sometimes-apathetic population to fiery heights of political action. Born with
a “Just Do It!” mindset, I embrace an optimistic, action-oriented approach
without constraint to just about any situation. We must elect leaders who will
govern differently and we must provide a better work/life balance for parents,
and so much more in between.

I want to encourage business
leaders to adopt the “Yes We Can!” attitude when it comes parents re-entering
the workforce (“Mapping your career after kids”). I was amazed
recently by a phone call from a New
York magazine publisher who was astonished to learn
that ParentMap has 25 employees — all
working virtually. She asked me, “How do you do it?”

“How don’t you do it?” was all I
could respond.

I assured her that there is a
direct correlation between our insanely talented and dedicated employees, our
well-respected social venture products, and the flexible, family-friendly work
environment — and benefits — that we offer (sorry; we’re not hiring!). I adore
it that no one on our staff feels guilty about participating in their kid’s
day-time activities, and there is no compromise in the quality of work
delivered because of that freedom. It took me a very long time to feel
comfortable with all of this, coming as I do from a traditional law background.
We do all suffer a bit from the 24/7 of virtual work life, but name me a
professional in 2008 that doesn’t. 

My brain cells have been
diminishing for some years now, so I took copious notes while reading about brain boosting games. I personally don’t get the sudoku craze
— I can’t even get to my book club book — but I’ll give it a try, since the
Brits are endorsing it in their schools. And I guess it’s time for me to
stroll, head down, into my 17 year old sons’ room and tell him, “you are
right.” We often verbally arm-wrestle about his sleeping too much on weekends,
but the experts say just what he does: “Almost all teenagers in this country
are sleep-deprived.” 

What better way to launch into
springtime then with a joint read with your honey of “Choose to relate kindly
with your partner?
" Simple, true, powerful and possibly
life-changing; we can all practice and role-model kindness for kids!

—Alayne Sulkin, Publisher/Editor

P.S. Pathways tickets are still

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