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Pride Treats and Rainbow Crafts for Families

Celebrate your Pride with these colorful and fun rainbow-themed desserts and activities for kids!

Published on: May 20, 2021

Pride Treats and Rainbow Crafts for Families

Rainbow cake

Classic rainbow layer cake

Featured on Whisk Kid, it doesn't get much better (or more colorful) than this epic rainbow birthday cake that gives Rainbow Brite a serious run for her money!

Made out of colorful layers of cake with a lemony Swiss meringue buttercream, Whisk Kid Kaitlin recommends using gel food coloring rather than liquid to achieve the most vibrant colors in this epic cake. Check out the rest of the post for the full recipe — there's also a link included for when Kaitlin made this cake on The Martha Stewart Show (wow!), and a fun time-lapse video of this cake being made by one of Kaitlin's readers.

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