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Publisher's Note, June 2013

Published on: May 29, 2013

Dad with twinsTo the Mr. Moms in Our Lives

One of my favorite comedic yet practical insights Boa Feather Fathers co-founder Larry Nicholas shared during our interview is that pricey menswear purchases may be seen as a shared expense with partner Tom Underhill (Someone You Should Know). I recall using similar retail justifications with my parents when my twin sis (pictured above on our father’s shoulders in 1960) and I splurged on a coveted piece of apparel.

Living in the bastion of liberal Seattle still has its frustrating moments, particularly when dads Tom and Larry continue to deal with inquiries such as, “You don’t have a mommy?” coming their kid’s way.

Certainly there have been significant changes since the 1960’s, the dark ages into which I was born. The obstetrician greeted my father in the labor and delivery waiting room with, “It’s a girl … and it’s another little girl! Congratulations.”

My dad was a rare breed — his children were top priority. My siblings and I all believe that we did better socially, academically and emotionally because of our father’s daily presence in our lives.

He was there to help drive us to music and dance lessons, and was a true protector. In addition, he took on the traditional role of provider and the superior cook in our household, frequently serving up delectable dinners. My dad, well ahead of his time — and more so than his peers — undoubtedly resembles the “modern juggle” and “Mr. Mom” described in our June feature on modern dads.

Children can only benefit from having fathers such as writer Lukas Velush, who set his “parenting bar high” and is out there “taking swings, sometimes missing, trying to keep it together, always working on it.”

We hope that your family (and ours!) enjoys a bit of a break from the challenging pace of school, homework and activities.  Our collective embrace of a little slowdown just might find the family bellowing “yippee” and “yeehaw” to the idea of saddling up western-style at a dude ranch in Montana!

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all, and especially, to my dad.

— Alayne

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