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Need a Little Romance? Where to Get Away as a Couple

Four local destinations to get away from it all

Published on: November 07, 2018

Salish Lodge

Need a mini-break?

When was the last time you and your partner got away for a little “alone time”? Chances are, not recently enough.

When the daily grind of working and parenting reaches the limit, it’s important for couples to treat ‘yoself(s). Getting away for a day (or even just one night) is a surefire way to recharge and reconnect. You’re probably both overdue for some pampering as well.

Luckily, our area has several fantastic hotels and spas that will have you saying “ahhh” in no time. Trust us: A little indulgence might even make you a better, or at least a more relaxed, parent. 

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