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Skip the Super Bowl and Do One of These 7 Things Instead

Super Bowl

You know this, right? Super Bowl Sunday is the best day of the year to do almost anything BUT prep for and watch the big game.

Since the Hawks aren't playing this year (sniff, sniff), there will be more Seattleites out and about than in the last two years, but still: The usual crowds at museums, zoos, shows and favorite hikes will be fewer, especially, obviously, in the afternoon.

Given that, here's your playbook for making the most of Super Bowl Sunday. The good news is you could pop out and do one of these activities and make it back to the TV set before the game starts or after half-time. Find many more ideas on our calendar

1. Hike Twin Falls. As a relatively short hike (1.5 miles round-trip) that's accessible and lovely year-round, Twin Falls is also crowded year-round. Head out about 1 p.m., and you'll likely have it to yourself. Enjoy the gorgeously green moss-covered trees (satisfyingly monster-shaped for kids), the rushing river and the jaw-dropping falls. Near North Bend.

2. Go sledding. Thar's new snow in the hills! If you really want to make a day of it head to Mount Rainier's Snow Play area near the Jackson Visitor Center. You'll also have a blast at the usually crowded Snoqualmie Tubing Center.

Snoqualmie tubing area

3. Go snowshoeing. Well, okay, snowshoeing isn't among the most crowded of sports. But still: There's new snow! And snowshoeing is the perfect all-family, anyone-can-do-it sport.

4. Count yourself in for Pacific Science Center's new Math Moves exhibit. You'll want to see this inventive, math-tastic exhibit anyway, so why not on a day when everyone else is glued to the tube?

Math Moves at Pacific Science Center

5. Take a free sail at Center for Wooden Boats. Every Sunday the Center for Wooden Boats at Lake Union Park in Seattle lets you sign up, first come first serve, for a free sail in one of its boats on Lake Union from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.. My guess is that on Super Bowl Sunday, there won't be a wait. Combine it with a visit to awesome MOHAI to see its awesome hip-hop exhibit. 

6. See a show. The Pacific Northwest Ballet's Romeo et Juliette, Seattle Children's Theatre's Where the Wild Things Are or Hana's Suitcase, Amadeus at Seattle Public Theater: Go for the 1 p.m. show or later, and you'll be both supporting theaters on a day of need, and guaranteeing lots of leg and elbow room.

7. Hop, jump and bounce. Indoor play spaces are notoriously crowded on winter weekend days, so enjoy a low-crowd bounce while getting some serious wiggles out at places like Elevated Sportz, PlayDate SEA (which will probably be showing the game in the cafe area) or WiggleWorks.) Or try another spot on our giant rainy-day list. 

 P.S. Still watching the game? Find your snacks, healthy snacks, and kid game ideas here. 

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