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Easy Snow-Themed Crafts for Preschoolers

Bring the snow inside with these fun crafts, no drive to a mountain required

Published on: December 18, 2023

melting snowman craft project
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We may not get a lot of snow in the Pacific Northwest, especially if you live around the Sound, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy the fluffy white stuff in other ways — through crafts, for example. During the next uninterrupted run of winter rain, pull out these crafts to keep the kids (and yourself) from going stir-crazy.

1. Coffee filter snowflakes are a staple for a reason: Kids willingly make them over and over again. You’ll need coffee filters, washable markers and an eye dropper for the project. Flatten out the coffee filters so that kids can draw colorful patterns and designs on them. Then, squirt water on them using the dropper and watch the patterns change. Finally, fold the filters in half (repeat four times) before cutting out small shapes. When you unfold them, you’re left with colorful snowflakes you can hang anywhere.

"snowflakes cut from coffee filters with blue dye added"

2. While kids in the Pacific Northwest aren’t always able to build a snowman, they can certainly appreciate this melted-snowman craft (thanks, Olaf!) by Teaching Mama. A mix of shaving cream, glue and flour is used to make the slushy puddle. And kids will have tons of fun cutting out the snowman’s hat, arms and nose before placing them in the middle of the mess. Add embellishments, such as googly eyes, to complete your creation.

3. Amanda at Crafts by Amanda is the creator of this adorable polar bear cardboard tube craft. Easy to make with a leftover toilet paper tube and the provided templates, this critter is sure to make your drab days a little wilder. White construction paper, pink and black crayons and googly eyes complete this arctic friend.

"polar bear made with toilet paper tube"

4. This project from Sam at Simple Everyday Mom uses DIY puffy paint to make magical snow globes. Use construction paper to make the base, globe and the wintry items within the globe. But the project really pops when you add her puffy paint, made with equal parts white shaving cream and white liquid glue, a mixture that spreads like frosting and dries into beautiful 3-D paintings. For a bit of bling, give your masterpiece a sprinkling of glitter before it dries.

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