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Spare Me 'The Talk'!: A Guy's Guide to Sex, Relationships and Growing Up

An exclusive ParentMap book authored by Jo Langford, M.A.

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Published on: February 10, 2015

Spare Me 'The Talk'!: A Guy's Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Growing Up

With real-world stats and tips for both parents and their sons, this is not the typical, “what’s happening down there?” book with a blue cover instead of a pink one. It’s a comprehensive crash course for boys into staying safe — emotionally, mentally, and physically — while navigating the danger-laden worlds of teenage sex and sexuality in a digital age.

With a strong moral compass, veteran sex educator Langford offers a powerful supplement to those notoriously awkward parent-guy sex talks, answering the tough questions that teenage guys really have — but would rather Google than ask. 

 Your teen will learn proven, effective ways to: 

  • Avoid pregnancy, and HIV and other sexually transmitted infections
  • Stay safe online and avoid sexual harm
  • Ask someone out (and let someone down easy)
  • Understand bodies and body issues, both male and female
  • Accept that sexuality comes in all shapes and sizes
  • Know the consequences of abstinence, indulgence, and everything in between
  • Decide what is right for him, remaining true to himself and respectful of others

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