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Spice Bridge: Seattle Food Destination for Travel-Hungry Families

Explore delicious global cuisines at this innovative food hall

Angelica Lai

Published on: January 24, 2023

Spice Bridge: Seattle Food Destination for Travel-Hungry Families

Young girl in warm jacket sitting outside eating, with adult help, a bowl of beef and noodle soup from Theary Spice Bridge Seattle Tukwila
Enjoying the soup go me ga tunk from Theary Cambodian Foods at Spice Bridge. Credit: Angelica Lai.

Cambodian beef and rice noodle soup

The go me ga tunk soup at Theary Cambodian Foods makes eating incredibly fun — and it's the perfect cold-weather comfort food. Owner and chef Theary Ngeth said it’s one of the favorites among the kids in the Spice Bridge family, and now we know why. The beef bones give kids something to grab onto as they bite into meat that’s fall-off-the-bone tender. The wide rice noodles are chewy and slurpable. The herbs, vegetables and homemade chili oil paste that top the bowl are bright and welcoming (you can buy a tub of the chili oil paste to take home). And the broth has a wonderful depth of flavor and a hint of sweetness that will have your family asking for more.

Ngeth, a mom of three who escaped from the Khmer Rouge on foot when she was 5 years old, hopes to keep Cambodian cooking traditions alive. Her menu items, inspired by her mom, are all dishes that Ngeth prepares for her kids. (Talk about a kid-approved menu!)

Kids will also love: Menu items such as sabb monn bowk (spicy stuffed chicken wings) and buong amm (a pumpkin, taro and cassava pastry topped with coconut cream, sugar and toasted sesame seeds).

Open: Theary Cambodian Foods is currently open at Spice Bridge Thursday–Saturday.

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