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8 Storage Solutions for Small Entryways

Transform your entryway into a neat and organized space with these simple ideas

Published on: March 10, 2022


From baskets and tables that keep essentials easily accessible to storage ottomans and standing closets that let you stash items away, finding storage solutions for small entryways just takes a little creativity. If you're fed up seeing coats, boots and school bags scattered about the place, try these simple ideas to help corral your family’s out-and-about gear.

Clever storage

Anything that can pull double duty is ideal for a small space. A storage ottoman provides both a place to sit while putting on shoes as well as a place to store those shoes when they come off. Depending on how much space you have, you could opt for a longer one like this storage ottoman from Amazon, or smaller square options such as this or this.

Storage ottoman from Amazon​​​​​

Coat control

For extra-small spaces, going vertical is key. With a standing coat tree, multiple coats can be hung in the same square foot of space. This freestanding coatrack from Wayfair has a solid heavy base and hooks to hang up to nine coats. Or you could opt for something that includes a small shelf, such as this one, or this one, which has the perfect little spot for stashing keys and sunglasses!

Standing coatrack from Wayfair


It can be really convenient to store items that are needed every day in something that doesn’t have a lid or a door. This woven basket from Target could sit on its own or in a cubby, or you could go with a more modern coiled style (this one is available in three colors).

Decorative coiled rope basket from Target

A standing closet

Being able to shut coats and scarves behind a door can make a space feel bigger simply because things are visually tidy. This simple cabinet from Wayfair includes two shelves, and if you need more space, here’s an option that has drawers

Cabinet from Wayfair

Wall-mounted coatracks

If you have wall space, but not much in the way of depth of space to work with, wall-mounted hooks can be a great solution. Coats, scarves and bags can stretch across the wall without taking too much space out from the wall. You can even hang two side by side to be sure you have enough hooks. This black one has a modern style that can work with most aesthetics; this white one features a small shelf; and the hooks on this one fold neatly into the support board when not in use. 

Wall-mounted hooks from Amazon

Individual hooks

For awkward corners or to make use of every inch of your space, placing an extra hook here and there provides just a bit more storage for coats, umbrellas, hats and scarves. Amazon and Target both have tons of styles to choose from.

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