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Tart up your toddler!

Published on: December 30, 2013

House of Dereon adThank God for Beyonce! After many months of creating my own skank-wear for my tween (because ever since Britney-backlash, it's so difficult to find belly shirts and boas for girls) in slithers that pop goddess with her new line of clothes just for kids.

Now you can pimp out your little princess in style! No more late nights with the Bedazzler or custom-ripping of tiny sweatshirts - you can now get that hot-to-trot look you so crave for your child. Check out the come-hither look on the little girl with the 5-inch leather-studded heels. She's thinking, "If I don't fall over, Mommy will give me a juice box."

Like a good little reporter, I spent some time on the Dereon Web site (which apparently hasn't been updated with this new line yet). If you like the "bling" look (sometimes known as "hooker"), you might like her line for women.

I do have to say, in fairness, that I love it that she has a line for the "curvelicious" among us - 'bout time, I say, and these may be some of the edgier offerings around in that category.

Here's a hot little number I found on the "activewear" page (as in, "actively workin' it"). Nothing says "feel the burn" like big metal buttons. What you can't see in this picture is the "open back with self-tie at bottom backside" - so classy for any occasion! I'm going to order it.

If you like it, too, the "sailor diva hoodie" will cost you only $59. Oh, and your eternal soul.

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