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The Uggly truth about my fave boots?

Published on: December 30, 2013

PD*25326073Look, we know what we look like, my daughter and I, shuffling around in shapeless glorified slippers. But when you hit your shoes at a dead run, it helps if they're pull-on simple. And, hey, Miley wears 'em, so they gotta be cool.

Call it caveman chic.

But this morning, I am jolted awake by a news report that - shock! - Ugg boots may be wrecking the skeletel systems of thousands of tween girls (I'm assuming I'm already a lost cause). Seems they just don't get enough support from Uggs and Ugg knock-offs...and those tween bones are still plastic, still firming up. Too much Ugg usage may equal uggly problems down the line. Read the story from the London Telegraph here.

I especially like Ugg's no-bull response: uh, yes. These are comfort - not performance! - boots. Maybe we will alternate them with "good" shoes. The kind you can't hit at a dead run.

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