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7 Toys and Games That Are Getting My Preschoolers Through the Pandemic

Toys and sets that encourage independent play

Vicky McDonald

Published on: March 23, 2020

Pint sticks

It's preschool time!

Working from home with a preschooler? I hear you. I am one of these parents in the trenches, trying to work and operate some kind of quasi-preschool in my home during this crazy pandemic. It’s not pretty and it’s exhausting at times but there are a few golden moments where the kids (my two-year-old and four-year-old) play nicely together, I get some work done, and I utter a quiet thank you to a few genius toy manufacturers.

Like me, you probably have lots of toys, but only certain toys are good enough to sustain the attention of a young preschooler. I am not suggesting you go out and buy a bunch of new toys, but if you are struggling and need something new, then perhaps one of these clever toys will help you and your kids get through another crazy week. Godspeed! 

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