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Tryptophan-tastic Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Published on: October 31, 2013



Melding some premade pie crust and an assortment of Turkey Day leftovers, this transformative idea for mini-pies by Chelsea’s Culinary Indulgence will give you all the tastes of Thanksgiving in one bite. Just load muffin tins with crust and ingredients like turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, and then bake at 425° for 10 minutes. 


Frittata Mashup

This Thanksgiving-leftovers frittata is the perfect fuel for a Black Friday quest. Can you believe there’s stuffing, yams and mashed potatoes hiding out in this recipe? Check out tips for getting it just right at Eat Eighty Twenty. 


Thanksgiving Salad

Lighten up your holidays with this idea by Veggie Converter for turning Thanksgiving leftovers into a seasonal salad. Toss Bibb lettuce with unused fixings from your dinner prep like cubed potatoes and cranberries. This recipe’s “turkey” is actually a maple-glazed vegetarian option. Check it out! 



Leftovers again, mom? Stop the whines with this recipe for Thanksgiving tostadas by Family Fresh Cooking. Black beans, salsa and avocados pep up Thanksgiving leftovers and bring back taco night into the rotation.  


 Thanksgiving To-Go

Pies for breakfast, please? Well, at least you can get the flavors with this idea for cranberry-apple yogurt parfaits by Inspired by Familia. Greek yogurt and granola make this a waistline-friendly after-Thanksgiving breakfast.


 Snappy Fudge

Apple pie filling takes the spotlight in this fudge recipe by Shugary Sweets. Topped off with pieces of gingersnap cookies, these bites are perfect for holiday gift giving, since you can freeze the finished product until you’re ready to share. 

 Pizza Pie

 Pizza Pie

Mashed potatoes and stuffing on pizza? You bet! With this idea by Jelly Toast, you can clean out the Tupperware, throw your Turkey Day lefties onto a pizza pie, kick up your heels and enjoy.

 Foodie Crush

Turkey Makeover

Your poor mounds of turkey meat become superstar sandwiches with this recipe by Foodie Crush. White cheddar. Caramelized onions. Grapes. These sammies are going into the grown-up bentos.


 Yin Mom

Thanksgiving Toast

And the award for best use of leftover cranberry sauce goes to... This recipe for cranberry strata by Yin Mom Yang Mom. Leftover rolls, oranges and cinnamon come together for the assist to make this a comfy-cozy breakfast option.


 Soup Solution

Barefeet in the Kitchen has the one-pot answer to spicing up your Thanksgiving leftovers with this recipe for turkey and bean soup. If you’re looking to stray from the traditional leftover heat-up plan, throw your turkey into this soup. You won’t be sorry.

 Cooking Classy

A New Sweet

If your kids won’t touch yams, switch it up and make these sweet potato cupcakes by Cooking Classy. Foodie Jaclyn shares her tried and tested recipe plus tips for how to get a crispy brown sugar and gooey marshmallow fluff topping.


 Shake and Sip

Okay, so autumn milkshakes may not be everyone’s first choice, but given these ideas for Thanksgiving pie milkshakes by CakeSpy, we bet you’ll bust out the blender. Pie, cranberry sauce and ice cream make for a creamy cool treat.

 Green Eggs

Green Eggs & Ham

Devil up some eggs using leftover ham and spinach with this recipe by Dinner with Julie. If you have other holiday gatherings following Thanksgiving, guests won’t even know you’re serving up leftovers. This recipe fits any occasion!



Cranberry sauce on turkey enchiladas doesn’t sound like it will work, but Josie of Pink Parsley has adapted a Better Homes and Garden recipe to be an annual tradition in her household. She balances out the sweetness of the sauce with pepperjack cheese, cilantro and hot sauce — brilliant!

 Roxx Boxx

 Thanksgiving Bento

The Roxx Boxx offers a classic take on Thanksgiving leftovers — the turkey sandwich. A turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing slider to be exact. Packed alongside some colorful fruit and veggies, it’s a fresh take on a boring lunch.

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