What Kristen said

Published on: December 30, 2013

I feel the same frustration Kristen does -- almost daily (and yes, I whine about it) -- because there are 1.5 million things for families to do in the Seattle area on any given weekend, and I have to choose just two or three every month for the Out & About section I edit. That's just how it goes -- this obsessive reader is not knocking print -- but when I'm excited about a new park or this tiny theater group that's doing vaudeville for families, I want to tell you about it NOW. Not when I have space on the edit calendar three months from now.

So I'll be posting regularly on what's doing for families. Check back for updates on openings grand and otherwise, parks, restaurants, music and theater, museums, weird little happenings in every corner of the area, and whatever else looks interesting on my trips-with-kidz.

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