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What to Watch: New Netflix Shows for Families This February

New shows and movies for the whole fam to enjoy

Published on: January 28, 2022


February, the shortest and sweetest month of the year, brings longer evenings and bitterly cold weather. If you're planning a cozy night in, Netflix has plenty of new shows to keep the whole fam entertained. Your little ones will be happy to hear that “Gabby’s Dollhouse” and “Ridley Jones” are back for more sweet cheer. For the grown-ups, there are some intriguing new documentaries, including one about Kanye West and another one about Boeing. Read on for more ideas to get you through this short and snappy month. 

  • Feb. 1: “My Best Friend Anne Frank” — A Dutch biopic based on the real-life friendship of Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar. 
  • Feb. 1: “Gabby’s Dollhouse” (Season 4) — Gabby and friends are back for a safari adventure, dress-up with Mercat and more zany activities. 
  • Feb. 1: “Raising Dion” (Season 2) — This popular sci-fi series follows the story of a young boy with superpowers and his mom, who battles to keep him safe. 
  • Feb. 3: “Kid Cosmic” (Season 3) — Stream in for the final season of this series by the creator of “The Powerpuff Girls.”
  • Feb. 8: “Child of Kamiari Month” — An anime title about a girl who recently lost her mother and must travel across Japan to the annual gathering of the gods in Izumo.
  • Feb 11: “Tall Girl 2” (Season 2) — Jodi Kreyman is back with newfound confidence but is forced to “stand tall” when she lands the lead in the school musical.  
  • Feb. 15: “Ridley Jones” (Season 3) — Ridley and friends are back to protect the museum’s treasures and keep its magical secret safe. 
  • Feb. 16: “Secrets of Summer: Cielo Grande” (Season 1) — This Spanish teen series set at a remote Argentine resort features wakeboarding, karaoke, mysteries and adventures.
  • Feb 17: “Erax”— A short film about a magical storybook with monstrous creatures that come alive and cause mayhem for Auntie Opal and her tween niece. 
  • Feb 17: “Heart Shot”— A short film about high school seniors, Nikki and Samantha, who are happily planning their future until Nikki’s violent past comes back to threaten everything. 
  • Feb 18: “The Cuphead Show!” (Season 1) — An animated series based on the video game.
  • Feb 24: “Karma’s World” — This Netflix kids' animated series from Ludacris is about a musically gifted middle schooler who uses her talent and heart to solve problems. 

    For the parents

  • Feb 11: “Inventing Anna” — This drama is based on a true story and follows an investigative journalist as she interrogates the infamous Anna Delvey, who convinced New York’s elite that she was a German heiress. 
  • Feb 16: “jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy” — The first episode of a documentary series about Kanye West.
  • Feb 18: “Downfall: The Case Against Boeing” — Locals might be interested in this new documentary about Boeing and the story behind the 737 MAX planes. 
  • Feb 25: “Vikings: Valhalla” — If you loved the History channel’s “Vikings,” you might want to tune in to this spin-off series following historical characters such as Leif Eriksson, Emma of Normandy and other warriors.

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