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International Friends School

Quaker Education in a Multilingual Environment

International Friends School

International Friends School

Quaker Education in a Multilingual Environment

Mission Statement

Preparing students to embrace the challenges of today so they may seize the opportunities of tomorrow.


Value Statements

JOY - Celebrating the love of life and the thrill of discovery

STEWARDSHIP - Cultivating kinship, kindness and caring for all human lives and for planet earth

WISDOM - Nurturing scholarship, imagination and curiosity through authentic risk-taking

PRINCIPLE - Fostering a bold and resilient character that practices industriousness, optimism, gratitude and integrity

PEACE - Through the values of joy, stewardship, wisdom and principle a foundation will exist for every student to own and cherish responsibility for their vibrant, diverse, ever-changing community.


Quaker Education

The International Friends School, a not-for-profit independent school, opens fall 2018 on 5 stunning acres close to downtown Bellevue. We will hold ourselves to the very highest standards of this 300-year-old tradition of exceptional academics and thoughtful concern for the emotional and moral growth of children. 

We join a network of over 80 highly acclaimed schools in the nation, notably Haverford College, Sidwell Friends in Washington D.C (which has educated most of the Presidential children), and the San Francisco Friends School.

Quaker education does not seek to inculcate a particular set of beliefs or doctrines; it seeks to nurture a particular sort of personhood; a person who lives by the practices of compassion, social justice, integrity and stewardship for all living things. At International Friends School, students learn through an interdisciplinary curriculum that connects them in powerful ways to a relevant understanding of the world today. IFS works in the local community and beyond, continually growing a culture of contribution and compassion.


A Multilingual Environment

IFS also offers a dual-language curriculum where all students become bi-literate in Mandarin and English with strong Spanish skills. We envision young adults who can move comfortably and confidently between languages and cultures effectively communicating across diverse audiences. With the growing complexities of a globally connected world, we see our students as having a unique and strategic placement in the job market of their futures.


Balanced Year Calendar

At International Friends School, we offer a balanced year school calendar in which the typical summer vacation of twelve weeks is reduced to 8 weeks or less. The goal of a balanced year calendar is to reduce the instruction downtime of summer vacation which is linked to academic regression. Our school day is 20 minutes longer than other local independent schools. The school year is 10 days longer. Calculating for the longer school day, the longer school year and minimal summer learning loss, IFS students who enter in preschool (3's) and graduate from 8th grade will have 2.5 more years of educational instruction time and new learning than their graduating 8th grade peers.

IFS opens fall 2018 with our preschool and pre-K program, growing one grade until 8th grade.

We would love to hear from you:

​Address: 556 124th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone Number: (425) 559-2949​​


Business Details


International Friends School

556 124th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005
United States

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