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ParentMap Magazine

August 2023

Fall, wait your turn

The back-to-school/back-to-the-office-grind return is imminent, but none of us should ever forget that there are two seasons in Seattle: winter and August. You’ll find plenty of inspiration in this month’s issue to eke out the maximum amount of summer enjoyment: In addition to our go-to Play List (a family fest-apalooza!), we present an insider’s guide to iconic Seattle-area destinations, whether you’re hoping to wow out-of-town guests or just wish to play tourist in your own town.

Perhaps even better than being an in-the-know gawker in your own town is feeling a deep sense of belonging in your own town. ParentMap’s August issue inaugurates a new regular feature that will introduce readers to the unique people, businesses and activities on offer throughout our diverse Seattle-area neighborhoods.

Oh, and about that return to school: We consider schools as no-phone zones; propose a green-space antidote to the teen health crisis; and introduce your family to manga mania!